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How to Request Energy +3


How to Request Energy +3

Well, all you need to do here is playing using Google Chrome. 
>> First, as usual u can visit the link for request 1 energy: 
>> In the form of asking for help, click the right mouse button and choose Inspect Element. 
>> You will now see a lot of code, scroll up a bit until you see a code starting with <form action =http://fb-client ....  
>> Click with the right mouse button on that block of code and choose the Edit Attribute. Also instead of doing that can be tightened only the enter key and has the same function to edit the code. 

>> Now enables them to edit code, find where it says "energy01", delete it and change it to: "energy03" and PRESS ENTER 
>> Close the window with the X button that comes up on the right. 
>> Now select the friend to ask the energy (it can be a secondary account of you or ask the help of a friend). 
>> Finally.. send help as they normally do and when the neighbor will accept the +3 energy in the inventory. 
Ok, hope this tutor can help all member here.. 

mie, 26 June 2011
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