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Empires & Allies Naval Research Laboratory


Empires & Allies Naval Research Laboratory

It's done and we can finally build the Naval Research Laboratory. Thus, our ships and submarines even stronger and better in combat. You will also be informed about the innovation game with a new splash screen. As with the Army Research Laboratory, one must again ask its neighbors to obtain objects, so you can unlock the research for the units. Sure you can but our request links to use.

The Naval Research Laboratory is available in your empire
You can the Naval Research Laboratory then immediately build out your build menu. It is to be found among the proud military buildings and costs 5000 coins, 500 wood and 25 ore (depending on what your home island for ore)
the new Naval Research Laboratory is very detailed and animated.
Now if you click on your new marine research laboratory, you can now upgrade and improve your units. For this you have but only a certain number of specific assets and collect what you have to let you send messages from your neighbors. Alternatively you can pay for it also points Empire.

The requirements to unlock an extension
The expansion of their naval force through the material collected is now unlocked, you can improve them now. You have to invest a lot of upgrades for the individual coins, oil and ores. The power struggle, the final upgrade, you can often unlock only with Empire points.

The upgrade menu, the respective unit
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